Society generally associates facelifts with older patients looking to smooth wrinkles and lift sagging skin. But is it safe to assume all facelift patients are elderly? Is it possible to be too old or too young to undergo a facelift? 

The easiest answer to these questions is a resounding NO! Other than being over 18 years old, there are no general age restrictions for facelifts. People under the age of 40 typically do not see the most dramatic results from a facelift, however everyone ages differently. It is not uncommon for patients to seek facelifts earlier in life.

At Facial Beauty, we typically see facelift patients between the ages of 50 and 65. This range includes the prime ages where the signs of aging have begun to solidify, but people are generally still in good enough health for surgery. That said, people of all ages have benefitted from a facelift by Dr. Santos.

During a consultation, Dr. Santos, regardless of your age, can accurately determine if a facelift is viable at your age and would address your concerns. To schedule a free consultation with Dr. Santos, call us at 206-430-1035 or contact us online.