Aging is unavoidable and so many people want to do their best to prevent it. Part of this is knowing when to begin more aggressive treatments to help treat and prevent aging when your face and body start to show it most. Let’s answer one of the most commonly asked questions, “At what age does your face change most?”

There is no one age where the face changes because factors like genetics, environment, skincare, and medical conditions all contribute to how quickly or slowly someone ages. For the most part, people can expect to age the most between thirty-five and forty-five. This is when dynamic wrinkles become static and when the reduction in collagen production becomes much more noticeable.

It is best to start anti-aging procedures before this to help slow and reduce aging before it even becomes noticeable. For example, Botox injections, chemical peels, and RF microneedling can all help keep your skin looking younger. 

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