Mini facelifts are a less invasive version of a traditional facelift. Typically, it involves a smaller incision and less overall correction. Thus, they are sought after for their hidden scars and still noticeable results. However, considering that it does address a smaller area than a regular facelift, patients sometimes ask, “Are mini facelifts worth it?”

Ultimately, it depends on your current anatomy and the goals you hope to achieve. Mini facelifts are often ideal for patients under fifty who have some skin laxity and sagging, but it is not severe. While it is possible to combine a mini facelift with a platysmaplasty or neck lift, the procedure is less likely to address the neck at all. 

If you have moderate to severe skin laxity and sagging, a traditional facelift will likely provide better and longer lasting results. However, for patients on the younger side, but who are still experiencing more advanced signs of aging along the lower face such as sagging or jowl formation, a mini facelift may be worth it to help slow the progression of aging.

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