Lip fillers have become all the range among the younger generations. Plump, large lips have become a standard of modern facial aesthetics. But, are lip fillers only for young patients? Can they benefit the older generation as well?

The great news is that lip fillers can benefit a large swath of the population. Many facelift patients find that lip fillers improve their facial profile and bring symmetry to their features. Unlike a facelift or brow lift, lip fillers are more temporary, lasting between six months and two years on average. This can sometimes deter people who do want to receive regular treatments. 

Lip fillers are also known to reduce the visibility of lines on and around the lips. Age and repetitive movements can cause lines to form. This can age the mouth area as well as cause lipstick and other makeup to sink into the creases. Many people do not like this appearance, regardless of age, lip fillers can allow lipstick to go on smoother.

Additionally, lip fillers are a non-invasive treatment option that most people are good candidates for. Age usually will not deter you from being eligible for Seattle lip filler treatments. So, in short, the answer to the question: are lip fillers only for young patients?, is a resounding, no. Nearly anyone of any age can get lip fillers.

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