Laser rejuvenation is one of the simplest and most non-invasive treatments to treat skin imperfections. When it comes to picking your laser treatments, it is easy to get stuck between a harsher ablative laser and the gentler, but less effective non-ablative lasers.

Non-ablative lasers–like Fraxel, certain types of CO2 lasers, and pulsed dye lasers–do not carry a long recovery time and cause only minor peeling or injury to the skin. These types of procedures are often performed by a Master Esthetician and most of the time you need more than one treatment to see long lasting results. Non-ablative lasers often utilize heat over light and can work better for skin conditions, or if you prefer a less intense treatment over time. 

Ablative lasers–like fractionated CO2 Laser Resurfacing–usually require anesthesia (choice of local or general) and require a recovery and period of downtime. However, most patients typically only need one treatment to see long lasting results. These kinds of lasers are best for treating skin discoloration, sun damage, and other deep skin damage. 

Choosing the type of laser treatment best for you is a difficult feat, but Dr. Santos can help guide you to the correct laser treatment for your needs. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Santos, call 206-430-1035 or Contact Us online.