Andi P in Pennsylvaasks:

What is More Invasive- a brow lift or upper blepharoplasty?   Thanks!

There are a number of different types of brow lift procedures.  Most of the brow lift procedures would likely be categorized as more invasive than a standard upper blepharoplasty.  Upper blepharoplasty is a simple procedure whereby skin and a small component of muscle is trimmed from the upper eyelid, sometimes with a small degree of fat removal.  Essentially this is a simple procedure.  A brow lift can be a little bit more complex.  Coronal lifts and endoscopic brow lifts have moderate dissection components to them.  More limited brow lift techniques such as transblepharoplasty, direct brow lift or lateral temporal brow lift have a bit less dissection/invasive requirements than the old-time traditional brow lift techniques.  It is important to discuss the brow lift technique specifically with your surgeon.

David Q. Santos, MD

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon