Chin liposuction is becoming an increasingly popular procedure to treat the appearance of a double chin. People of all ages may benefit from removing extra fat under the chin and the procedure can be successfully performed under local anesthesia. Here are 3 things to expect after chin liposuction.

#1: Wearing A Compression Garment

Liposuction procedures routinely require wearing a compression garment after surgery to promote better healing and settling of the skin. For chin liposuction, this involves wearing a wrap. At first, you will need to wear it constantly, but can slowly decrease its use throughout your recovery under the direction of Dr. Santos.

#2: Return To Work Quickly

Unless combined with more invasive procedures, most patients can safely return to work within a week. Some may require longer if they have an especially physical job. However, most visible side effects subside within two weeks and patients can usually begin covering residual signs of surgery within five to ten days.

#3: Limited Need For Pain Medication

Dr. Santos does prescribe pain medication after surgery. Though, many chin liposuction patients find that they get by with just over-the-counter medications or slightly higher-strength pain medications. Narcotics are not always necessary.

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